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 #EscapeCult - Gugol, the number that inspired Google Posted by Claudio Santiago on 29 Junho, 2020

#EscapeCult - Gugol, the number that inspired Google

Gugol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.


This name came about when, on one occasion, the American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his 9-year-old nephew Milton Sirotta what was the largest number that existed. The boy's response was something like guuugol. The answer was not very encouraging, but in Kasner's mind it became a beautiful joke. In honor of his nephew, he called gugol ("googol", in English) the number 1 followed by 100 zeros or, in the form of power, the number 10 raised to 100.

Then he used the gugol as a basis to name an even larger number: the GUGOLPLEX, which is equivalent to "10 to 1 gugol". Imagine how many sheets of paper it would take to spell out the gugolplex number ...

It is not an easy task to find in our real world something as large as 1 gugol. To give you an idea, the number of raindrops that fall in the city of São Paulo in a century is much less than 1 gugol. Also, the total number of grains of sand on the beaches of the Brazilian coast is less than 1 gugol, just as the number of electrons in the entire universe is less than 1 gugol (which is estimated to be around 10 to 79 electrons).

Due to its great magnitude, it was adapted to name the best known search site, Google!