The Escape Game

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Escape Time

Escape Time is an entertainment company. It is based on world-famous online escape games, with the boost of putting you into the environment where the puzzle happens. These places are known as Escape Rooms. At Escape Time you find rooms designed accordingly to the mystery you need to solve, this environment gives LIFE to the GAME.

What's Escape Game?

Fun, challenge and quick thinking. Escape games are much more than a simple game. It is a whole new experience. You and your friends (4-10 players) will be “locked” in an interactive room and will work as a team to escape from that place. Having only your skills combined with the unveiled clues to solve the puzzle, you’ll have to run. It is a one-hour countdown to escape. So, be ready!

Our Rules

  • Make your reservation on the website;
  • Rooms carry up to 10 players (4-10);
  • It is important to arrive 20 minutes earlier for instructions and to become familiar with the environment;
  • Our moderators will follow you all the time, through cameras and walkie-talkies. We’ll be ready to help you in the case of need. During the whole game period, you are going to be monitored by our monitors who are here to help;
  • If you don’t solve the riddle in the time provided, after 60 minutes the doors will open, and you’ll be able to leave the room;

  • You don’t need to bring anything inside the room. All riddles can be solved using your thinking skills;
  • There’s no age limit, but children bellow 12 years old must be accompanied by their parents or responsible person.
  • According to Law n.12.933 granting the half-entry benefit, we guarantee 40% of the reservation being half the value of the ticket.
  • Rio de Janeiro não tem meia entrada.