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About the room

The former owner of this property decided to put an elevator that runs through the dark floors of this property and thinking of having a beautiful panoramic view of the city, so decided to purchase this elevator for more than 20 years, however it was rarely used, researching history we discovered the reason, for reasons of economy he bought a used elevator without knowing exactly from where, researching deeper was discovered that this was one of the elevators of the Joelma Building and more this was one of the few elevators that it was tried to use to rescue victims during the fire, unfortunately the victims and their attendant died inside the elevator during the fire and could only be rescued weeks later.

The few times this lift was used, people reported terrible screams and even the presence of Mr. Francisco Wildebrand (this was the elevator man) crying out for release.

Its mission is to unravel this fact and put this one of the important tourist spots of the city to re-operate, as the debts have accumulated for years.

As the lift is very old, there are reports that between the ascent, contemplation of the view and descent the ride lasts for exactly 10 minutes, which was the time necessary for the death of the occupants during the fire.

So, you going to face it?


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 50%

Number of players (full price): 1 - 2

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