Room 66 and the templar mysteries

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(For children under 12, request the Escape for kids)

You’ve just inherited a hotel from a distant relative who have mysteriously died more than 70 years ago in the room number 66. When you arrive at the hotel, you discover that your relative was a very eccentric rich man, with unconventional habits and surrounded by mysteries. People say that Mr. Bernard de Clairvoux was the guardian of the wonderful treasure of the Knight Templar. However, there is an issue. The Bertam Hotel will be demolished in 1 hour. This is the time you have to solve the mystery and, maybe, retrieve the treasure. In the case of failure, you’ll get stuck and will die at the same place where your relative disappeared. We wish you luck because you’ll need. Many tried, but no one could find the mysterious treasure.   


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 50%

Number of players (full price): 2 - 6


SP Brooklin

  • Insane Escapers

    Insane Escapers
    Tempo: 31:00:00

  • George Cheone

    George Cheone
    Tempo: 38:50:00

  • Renata Faria

    Renata Faria
    Tempo: 39:08:00


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