Museu dos Horrores - By Daniel Pires

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About the room

You have the mission to find this sinister doll that hides in the shadows and imprison it again in its cursed box. Only then can you break the curse that consumes the museum, before it is too late. But be aware that your own lives are at stake. For legend has it that any intruder who dares to enter these dark corridors will be cursed forever, doomed to wander in terror forever.

As you enter the museum, you come upon the lonely figure of the vigilante, a troubled soul long abandoned within these macabre walls. Be careful, because although he seems harmless, he is affected by the horrifying stories and supernatural happenings that plague this place. Who knows if he is not already cursed as well, transforming him into something beyond human comprehension?

The clock is against you. You have only one hour to prove that you are able to defeat the cursed doll and rescue the souls that have been trapped in this macabre collection. The restless voices echo through the halls, the whispers of pain and agony echo in your ears. You are the last hope to free these tormented spirits and bring peace back to the museum.

So, are you ready to face the challenge? Enter the Museum of Horrors, face your deepest fears, and unravel the secrets hidden in each sinister room. But remember, time is running out and darkness is lurking. Don't let terror consume your souls. You are the last light to shine in this den of horror. So, will you face it?


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 50%

Number of players (full price): 2 - 6

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