Asylum - The Asylum of the hungry

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Dear Journalists,

You have been called in to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances and unsettling events occurring at the local asylum. Human remains have been found in the sewage without a logical explanation, an employee reported a strange smell coming from the kitchen and noticed suspicious pieces of meat in the food.

But most disturbingly, a collection of books on cannibalism was found in the office of the asylum's director, Dr. Lecter, a psychologist. After a thorough investigation, we discovered that he attempted to pursue a medical career for years without success and, furthermore, witnessed the murder of his parents by a psychopath, which many claim left an indelible mark on his life.

Our goal is to uncover the secrets of this asylum and discover the truth behind the disappearances. However, it is important to be cautious not to interfere excessively with the routine of the asylum, as it can be dangerous and Dr. Lecter is known to be unpredictable.

And now, are you ready to embark on this investigation and uncover the truth behind these terrifying events? Who knows what you will find, perhaps a macabre scheme led by Dr. Lecter, or something even more sinister.

So, are you going to face it?


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Number of players (full price): 2 - 8

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