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Game options:

Face-to-face: You and your friends will be "locked" in a physical room and will work as a team to escape the chosen scenario. Using only your skills and as clues found to solve the puzzles, you have to race against the clock and escape in an hour.

Online 360: In online 360 ​​games, you and your friends access an online room and need to escape from there before it's too late - links are sent 20 minutes before each game by our team.

Live Action: You and your group will have access to the scenario where our GameMaster will be physically, parallel to a video conference, you will have access to a virtual platform where they will be able to scan confidential information in order to escape the room within 1 hour - the displayed links are sent 20 minutes before each game by our team.

Important for Live Action and Online 360 – Use the button for payment for paypal if you are not in Brazil, the value is U$ 49,00 to Online anda U$ 69,00 to Live Action - after sending an email to [email protected] with the receipt to schedule your game.

(For children under 12, request the Escape for kids)
In the morning of June, 12th 1962, three prisoners escaped from the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, in San Francisco: the two brothers John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris, the latter known as the head of the escape. Using a spoon to saw the ventilation grille, they misled the guards using heads made of magazine pages and wigs.  Although claiming innocence in a murder, you’ve been accused and sentenced to death in the electric chair. In one hour the execution will be handled at the securest prison in the world, Alcatraz. However, there’s hope. Following the clues left by the three fugitives, you’ll be able to escape from the prison. Find the exit is in your hands.


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 30%

Number of players (full price): 2 - 10


SP Brooklin

  • Insane Escapers

    Insane Escapers
    Tempo: 38:34:00

  • Tanga Amarela

    Tanga Amarela
    Tempo: 42:04:00

  • Munzeti

    Tempo: 51:53:00


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