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About the room

Escape for Kids was developed to make Escape Games even more accessible and fun for children. We studied all the puzzles and created solutions to make the puzzles more interesting for children, without changing the structure of the game.

The game has been carefully thought out from the stages of development and the interests of the group, and may involve basic mathematical operations, colors and geometric shapes. Escape for Kids, offers a much more complete experience for children, stimulating intellectual qualities such as creativity, logical thinking, teamwork and observation through unique challenges.

About the room:

The most fun place in town, hides a great legend! Everyone says that there is a magic portal that leads to an enchanted world! That's right! A world full of magic and incredible beings.

It seems that in the library, one of the books hides the way to find the portal and enjoy this world!

You, decided to find out if this legend is true! But you just remembered that in 60 minutes your parents will pick you up and that's how much time you have to find the book and follow the steps to find the portal! What's up? Will you be that lucky?

Run! The clock is ticking and your opportunity to meet enchanted beings too!

About the online modality (important for parents to know):

The activity must be supervised by a responsible adult.

We will use a videoconferencing support platform, Google Meet, just enter the link sent, you don’t need to install anything,

It is important that children know how to read and write in order to participate in the activity, so we recommend that they leave paper and pen to help during the game,

We ask that the person responsible for the reservation sends the link to all members of the group (the link is sent by email 20 minutes before the activity),

For a more complete experience, we recommend that players use a PC or Notebook, with a mouse, headset and camera,

Check the stability of the internet connection, if there is instability and the player is disconnected from the game, just access the link sent again.

Other instructions on the gameplay will be transmitted to the team by the monitor that will accompany the game.


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Number of players (full price): 1 - 10

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