Panic on the Orient Express 2.0

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You are on holiday in London with your friends or family and decides to make the trip from the Orient Express which runs from London to Istanbul, one definitely unforgettable journey that crosses almost all of Europe. Soon after boarding, you discover that a terrorist put a bomb on the train, this pump has a geolocation device that will make you explode when entering Budapest station. Its mission is to stop the train and prevent a catastrophe in the busiest station in Europe. Detail: the driver DISAPPEARED!


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 40%

Number of players (full price): 2 - 6


SP Brooklin

  • EscapersPR

    Tempo: 36:15:00

  • Os escaposos

    Os escaposos
    Tempo: 47:22:00


    Tempo: 48:50:00


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