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The construction of an incredible submarine is one of the most ambitious projects in the Manual of the World in a long time. And the big day has come, our submarine is ready for its final test in the open sea. However, we have just received an anonymous message about a terrible threat that could end in a major catastrophe. That's right, there is a great chance that we will be sabotaged !!

In just 60 minutes Iberê will start the test and if this threat is true, in addition to ending our project, the life of our presenter is at great risk!

Our hope is in the hands of you, who have followed our project from the beginning and those who are starting the journey in the Manual of the World, all the forces will be necessary to contain this impending disaster. Then you and your team will have the mission to investigate and analyze the concepts and fundamentals of the submarine's operating dynamics and find out within 60 minutes if our presenter and our project are really at risk!

Run, your time starts now. What's up? Will you face it?


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 50%

Number of players (full price): 1 - 1

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