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You may not know, but a distant part of your family lived in the town of Blair near this Burkittsville forest in the United States between 1800 and the 1900s, you are the heirs of a huge estate in this region. Fortunately the heritage left is quite extensive, but due to the city's bad reputation it is of little value today and this is a problem that I am sure you as seasoned adventurers can solve.

You must enter the forest and find elements that disintegrate the legend of the witch of Blair, who died in this forest in 1771, because it is thanks to this legend that its immense properties have such low value. But you need to catch up, as we already have buyers who will arrive in 1 hour to visit the property and maybe pay a lot of money for it.


But be careful, if the legend is true you may have the same fate as many others who entered this forest.


So, will you face it?


Difficulty: Difficulty

Have achieved: 5%

Number of players (full price): 2 - 6


SP Brooklin 2.0

  • Os quadrigêmeos

    Os quadrigêmeos
    Tempo: 36:13:00

  • Awesomes

    Tempo: 38:42:00

  • Equipe sem Aquário

    Equipe sem Aquário
    Tempo: 39:00:00


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